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Benefits of Membership

Membership Advantages in the Canadian Society of Atherosclerosis, Thrombosis and Vascular Biology:

  • Discount on registration fees to the Canadian Cardiovascular Congress;
  • Discount on registration fees to the International Symposium on Atherosclerosis (ISA 2018);
  • Membership in a community of Canadian researchers investigating all areas of vascular disease;
  • Travel subsidies for undergraduate students, graduate students, medical students, residents and post-doctoral fellows presenting their work at Canadian or International Conferences that focus on atherosclerosis, thrombosis and/or vascular biology;
  • Unique opportunities for trainees, including meetings dedicated to research, networking and career planning
  • International outreach opportunities through the China-Canada Symposium.

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The following online application will be forwarded to the Coordinator of CSATVB Memberships. The credentials of the candidate will then be presented by the Coordinator at the following Executive Business Meeting for review and approval. Please submit your application prior to June 1, 2018 for approbation.

Annual Dues: Regular membership: $100.00; Associate membership: $100.00, Trainees: $20.00

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Membership Fees

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Types of Membership

Only members whose dues are paid up-to-date shall be considered
to be in good standing.

1. Regular membership

Consists of established scientists with continuous active involvement in scientifically meritorious research in field of atherosclerosis or related areas. Regular membership may also include outstanding non-scientists whose special talents, professional aptitudes or personal prestige may be deemed advantageous to the corporation in the attainment of its goals. All regular members should be residents of Canada or Canadian citizens residing abroad. Regular members in good standing are eligible to vote at annual general business meetings (AGM) and be elected to the Board of Directors.

2. Trainee membership

Consists of scientists, and physicians in a full time training program, including a postdoctoral fellowship. The postdoctoral fellow is recognized as a trainee during a maximum of five (5) years after obtaining his doctoral degree. At the end of this period the postdoctoral fellow is expected to apply for a CSATVB regular membership. All trainee members shall be residents of Canada** or Canadian citizens residing abroad. Trainee members in good standing are eligible to vote at AGMs and be elected to the Board of Directors.
**Note: 'residents of Canada' includes those trainees who reside/live in Canada for study purposes but do not yet have permanent residency status per se.

3. Associate membership

Consists of Individuals who are scientists, physicians or trainees that do not qualify for regular membership or trainee membership, but are interested in a field related to the Objectives of the Society. Associate members  may neither not vote at AGMs nor be elected to the Board of Directors. They shall pay dues as specified in the by-laws. Associate members may apply for regular membership should their status change.

4. Emeritus membership

Regular members in good standing who have reached their retirement may request the Secretary for a transfer to Emeritus status. Emeritus status may be granted to a member prior to retirement for reasons of health or other extenuating circumstances at the discretion of the Board of Directors. Emeritus members are not obliged to pay dues and shall be considered to be in good standing, are eligible to vote at AGMs and may be elected to the Board of Directors.


5. Complementary

Complementarity membership shall be given for two (2) years to guest speakers at the Annual Scientific Meeting.  Complementary Members are not eligible to vote and may not be elected to the Board of Directors. Complementary members are not obliged to pay dues.


6. Honorary Membership

Honorary membership may be conferred on non-members who have rendered distinguished service or who have made major contributions to knowledge in the field of atherosclerosis, thrombosis or vascular biology. Honorary members are not eligible to vote, or be elected to the Board of Directors. Honorary members are not obliged to pay dues.

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