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2017 CSATVB Preliminary Program - Vancouver

CSATVB Preliminary Program


Sunday October 22


VCC Room 202-203


Jean Davignon Symposium: Cardiovascular Health and Disease


  • Resveratrol and Cardiovascular Disease

Jason Dyck, University of Alberta


  • Endothelial cell-cardiomyocyte cross talk in providing fatty acids to the diabetic heart

Brian Rodrigues, University of British Columbia


  • CSATVB Scientific Excellence Award Lecture: Genetics as a window on new therapies for atherosclerosis

Rob Hegele, Western University


Monday, October 23


VCC Room 202-203


Symposium: Vascular Injury, Inflammation, and Repair


  • Non-coding RNA regulation of lipid metabolism and atherosclerosis

Carlos Fernandez-Hernando, Yale University School of Medicine


  • Cellular senescence and aortic wall catastrophes

Geoff Pickering, Western University


Short Trainee talks